Good Monday afternoon!!!

We have another teaser and a big surprise heading your way, babies. We are taking a new direction for our future episodes! Tune in next week (probably on a different SoundCloud) for the next episode of Narrative Bouillon and other Bullsh*t!

New Stuff coming your way!

Hey guys!

Both of us have been going through some stuff personally (rough stuff) and professionally (cool stuff!). Taylor is working on beginning a free lance career and I (Ashley) have been taking some time to breathe in between studying my ass off for the GRE. That being said, we took time off from our joint project here at Narrative Bouillon, but we met a couple of nights ago and have discussed what we want to do moving forward. Oh, did we mention we are v. excited?

We have new stuff coming to you very soon! We have re-centered, retooled, and we will be dishing out new podcast content in a week or so. Look for updates on this blog and a possible change to our hosting site(s). We are working on it and we appreciate the support and hope you enjoy this new chapter with us!


Episode Three, Live Friday Feb 16th

We both have been having a tough time and decided to deal with it head on – by making it our topic! May we present to you, Narrative Bouillon and other Bullsh*t, the third:

Narrative Bouillon and other (Mental Health) Bullsh*t!

On this episode, we talk about our experiences with mental health, where we struggle most with anxiety and/or depression and contemplate why we think that is the case, and our favorite forms of self care. It is so important to focus on your mental and emotional health and be patient and loving with yourself, even in and maybe especially during the worst times. Guys, this one dives deep and gets a little serious. If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please call 1-800-273-8255.

We love you! Thank you for listening!

We suck at social media but we do use #Insta on the #regs, #yo. Follow us @narrativebouillon. What do you want to say about your experiences with mental health? Send us your stories at

Faithfully yours,

-The NB and other BS gal’s-

EP 1 and 2 are live, ya’ll


We can’t believe we are doing this, guys. Recording these was an incredibly vulnerable experience and we loved every minute of doing this together. We can’t wait to make more! Now the real work begins. Our hope is that this podcast makes you laugh and think about how your experiences, bad and good, have made you a cooler person! (It’s barely 7:30 am over here, sleepy brain doesn’t know a better way to put this but the intention is there!)

Also, we have another mini-episode we recorded in between these two that we will upload later. SoundCloud has a limit to the amount of minutes you can upload for free, so we will have to find another platform or pay. We’ll figure it out. This is a process and we are not professionals (if you don’t believe us, just hit the play button on the first episode!)

We love you guys! Thank you thank you thank you for listening.